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3 Modern Bikes That Give You The Authentic Feeling Of Freedom You Had With The Classics

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Classic bikes like the Harley Davison soft tales or classic Indian Motorcycles conjure up memories of touring the open highways of American; bringing a sense of pride and freedom that you must experience to understand. If you are familiar with this feeling of freedom when you ride a bike, you are looking for a new bike that continues this with a custom look and uncompromised performance. Here are a few of the best modern bikes that will bring back that feeling of freedom that you get when you get on a classic motorcycle:

1. Forty-Eight Special: Classic Styling And Reliable Performance For The Perfect Bike

The Forty-Eight Special is a custom Harley design that keeps everything simple. It is a Sportster with a soft tail frame and all the classic elements that make it special. The bike has a 750cc engine that gives it plenty of power for road trips and highway riding. It is also small enough to be the perfect daily driver for getting around town quickly. If you want to have a Harley that is simple, has classic styling and gives you the performance you were expecting, the Forty-Eight Special is the perfect choice for your next bike.

2. Sport Glide: Sport and Touring Combined With Classic Styling For The Perfect Ride

If you are an adventurous person and what a bike that offers all the performance of a street bike with the classic styling of a Harley, the Sport Glide has a lot to offer. This is a different bike that cannot be classified in any category.  This bike brings you the comfort of a touring bike and the performance features of modern sports bikes. It also has classic Harley Davison styling that sets it apart from any other bike that is available on the market.

3. Iron 1200: All The Modern Muscle You Need In a Black-out Bike With Classic Styling

The Iron 1200 gives you a Harley Sportster that has plenty of power and performance improvements like the 1200cc Evolution engine. The custom features of this bike include ape-bars, nine-spoke alloy rims with a flat-black finish and classic styling like the gas tank graphics with the classic Harley label. This bike is the perfect addition to any collections of die-hard Harley Davison enthusiasts.

These are some of the best modern bikes that give you the feeling of freedom that you got with classic custom models. There are some manufacturers that offer bikes that have classic styling features, but they are not Harleys. If you are looking for a new bike, contact a Harley Davison dealer and ask them about the new roadster models.