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Three Tips To Help You Extend Your Brake Life

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Properly working brakes are crucial to keeping you safe when you're driving your vehicle. While your brake pads and rotors will wear down over time and need to be replaced or repaired, the manner in which you drive can often contribute to these components wearing out more quickly than necessary. By making some slight changes to your habits behind the wheel, it's easy to extend the life of your brakes and have to make fewer visits to the repair shop. Here are three driving tips that will help your brake components last longer. 

Follow At A Safe Distance

It can be easy to develop the habit of following too closely behind the driver in front of you. Doing so isn't just dangerous -- it can also cause unnecessary wear on your brakes. Every time the driver taps his or her brakes, you'll have to apply yours. If the driver is the sort of person who brake-taps frequently, you'll prematurely age your brakes. The best strategy to remind you to avoid following too closely is to employ the three-second rule. Begin counting when the driver passes a street sign and ensure that you don't pass the same sign until three seconds have elapsed.

Watch Well Down The Road

It's a smart driving tactic to keep your attention focused well down the road in front of you, instead of just a few yards ahead of your front bumper. Watching what's happening down the road helps you anticipate the actions of other motorists, traffic light changes and conditions that might otherwise precipitate slowing down. This strategy means that you'll have more time to slow down, which will give you the ability to apply your brakes lightly. When you're focused on what's directly ahead of you, you can often be surprised by what lies ahead and find yourself slamming on the brakes more than necessary. Over time, this habit can cause your brakes to wear out more quickly.

Don't Overload Your Vehicle

Keeping your trunk or your back seat filled with unnecessary items can add a significant amount of weight to your vehicle. The heavier it is, the more your brakes will have to work to slow you down -- and the more that they'll wear out sooner than they need to. Take stock of what's in your trunk and remove anything you don't need, especially if it's heavy. This simple change can easily extend the life of your brakes. For further assistance, contact local brake repair professionals, such as those from Auto Team Car Care Center LLC.