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Teen Hounding You For A Car Of Their Own? 4 Questions To Answer Before You Say Yes

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Your teen has been hounding you for a car. The question is, will you cave in and get one for them? Unfortunately, that's not always an easy question to answer, especially since there are so many variables involved in teenage car ownership. If you're struggling to answer the questions of whether you'll get your teenager a car, here are four questions you should ask yourself first. Answering these four questions may help you answer the first question.

Do They Need It?

If your teen is like just about every other teen in America, they started asking for a car as soon as they were old enough to drive. While every teen, including yours, may want a car, that shouldn't necessarily be the deciding factor. Before buy your teenager a car, you should ask yourself whether or not they really need it. If you ask them, they'll assure you that they need it. They need it to get to their friends house, or to the mall. However, those reasons aren't actually need based. If your teen is involved in after-school activities such as sports, or they have an after-school job, then it's easier to attach a yes answer to the question of need.

Are They Ready for It?

This is a big question that should get a lot of thought before you answer it. Is your teen ready for a car? To answer that question, you need to look at a few different criteria. First, how is your teen doing in school? Are they getting good grades? Second, is your teen responsible? Do they do their chores without being reminded? Do they make good choices in their personal lives? If your teen is getting good grades, handles responsibility well, and makes good choices, they're probably ready for their own car.

How Will It be Paid for?

When it comes to the issue of a car for your teen, another important question involves the actual purchase. How will the car be paid for? Not just the purchase of the actual car, but the costs of upkeep, as well. If your teen has a part-time job and has the ability to help with the purchase of the car, as well as pay for their own insurance and gasoline, it might be time for them to have their own vehicle.

Will It be New or Used?

The final question you'll need to ask involves the type of car you'll purchase. Will it be new or used? Both types of cars have their own benefits. A new car may last your teen longer. However, a used car will be less expensive to purchase, which will allow you teen the opportunity to pay for a bigger chunk of the cost. Not only that, but most newer used cars will come with the upgrades that your teenager will want, which means you won't need to pay extra for those additional accessories.