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5 Features To Look For In Your Next Used Car

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When you purchase a used car, you want to make sure that you purchase one with the right type of features. When you go shopping for used cars, look for features such as cruise control, seat heaters, a tow hitch, a navigation system and a rear-view mirror camera. Here are some of the facts you should know about these features.

Cruise Control

Surprisingly, not all vehicles are equipped with cruise control. Cruise control is a must if you drive long distances. With cruise control, when you are taking a long road trip, you can set the car at a specific mile per hour. This allows you to just drive instead of worrying about how fast you are going. Cruise control can also protect against a lead foot when you are driving, and can help you avoid speeding tickets.

Heated Seats

If you live somewhere that gets really cold in the winter, heated seats are a must, especially if the vehicle you purchase has leather seats. Heated seats allow you to warm up your seat with the push of a button. Your seat will generally warm up much faster than the rest of your vehicle when it is really cold outside, allowing you to drive in comfort even on the coldest days of the year. Heated seats are a luxury item that can make driving in the winter much more comfortable.

Tow Hitch

If you like to tow things at all, make sure that your vehicle is equipped with a tow hitch. A tow hitch will allow you to pull things, such as trailers, behind your vehicle. A vehicle that is equipped with a factory-installed tow hitch is the best type to purchase if you want to tow things with your vehicle. When a vehicle has a factory-installed tow hitch, it means that other modifications may have been made to the vehicle as well to ensure that it is fit for towing.

Navigation System

Although smart phones allow you to access GPS, having a built-in navigation system is still an advantage. With a built-in navigation system, you don't have to use your hands to operate the system. The system is already set-up and built into your vehicle so that don't have to handle a phone or worry about mounting an individual GPS system. You will be able to easily get to wherever you need to go whenever you need directional assistance.

Rear-View Mirror Camera

A rear-view mirror camera is a great feature that allows you to see all of your blind spots. A rear-view mirror camera can help you back up, park and even switch lanes more safely. It is a simple safety feature that you can now find in many vehicles on the market, even lower-end vehicles, because of all the safety benefits that it offers.

The key is to figure out what additional features you need to feel comfortable and safe in your vehicle.