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Choose The Right Trailer For Your Race Car

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Whether your passion is rallying, drag racing, dirt track racing or something else — your car is the most important component of your racing abilities. Without question, you want to protect your vehicle from track to track. Having the right car handler trailer on hand is the only way you can go about accomplishing this goal. If you are in the market for a new trailer for your race car, learn about some of the selection criteria you want to consider.

Travel Distance

Consider the distance you typically travel with your race car. If most of your races occur within the city limits or a short distance away, an uncovered trailer is generally a suitable option. However, if you sometimes travel long distances with your car, you probably want to invest in an enclosed trailer for greater protection of the vehicle. 


You must be mindful of the weight of your vehicle. All car handler trailers have a maximum weight capacity rating, which is the maximum amount of weight the trailer can safely support. When the weight rating is exceeded, the trailer can fail and even collapse. If you have made modifications to the vehicle, you cannot just refer to the stock weight for your car model; you must also factor in the changes you've made. 

Floor Covering

Ideally, you should choose a trailer with an aluminum bed floor covering. Aluminum floor plates are pricier than some other trailer floor options, but they are well worth their investment. First, they are less prone to damage, such as chipping, which can damage your vehicle's tires. Second, the material is incredibly durable, which means it will last for quite some time without the need for maintenance on your end. Companies like H&H Trailer have a variety of aluminum lined trailer options.

Wall Design

Your car should be able to fit inside the trailer easily, so it's essential you pay attention to the wall design of the trailer, namely, it's width. Many car trailers come in a standard width that fit most vehicles. However, if you've done any bodywork, choosing a custom trailer that is slightly larger will give you the extra inches you need for greater confidence that your car is fine. Measure and then remeasure to determine just how much space you need. 

Choose an aluma bed trailer that is the right type for the work you need it to perform. This way, you know it is an investment that will last well into the future.